Charma: The Land of Enchantment

Charma: The Land of EnchantmentMarble-pop the Charmies to freedom!

Hone your skills in this Marble-pop Puzzler to help the loveable Charmas escape from an evil magician.

When an evil magician invades the land of Charma, the lovable little Charmies find themselves in sudden peril. But with a little courage and whole lot of determination, these fast-footed fluff balls set out to find a new home. Help them escape the evil magician in this wonderfully cute Marble-pop Puzzler. Charmies always travel in groups, the more snuggly the better. Match their colors so they escape together. Leave no Charmie behind!

Charma: The Land of Enchantment Screenshots

System Requirements

Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Processor:600 Mhz
Hard Drive Space:33MiB
Microsoft DirectX is available here free.


  • Cute Marble-pop fun!
  • Cascade the color chainsFollow their trek across Charma

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    Charma: The Land of Enchantment
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