Fluid Photo's

Fluid Photos Don't settle for another picture viewing screensaver! Fluid Photos has all the features a person could desire in a photo album screensaver. Load up pictures from anywhere on your hard disk and display them at the speed you desire and in the order you desire. Choose from over 100 different animation styles to keep things fresh and interesting while you journey down memory lane with your friends and family. Does the same photo keep showing up in other album viewers? Not with this fantastic screensaver Fluid Photos will remember the last picture that was part of the slide show so you never miss a beat. Use the unregistered version as your default screensaver without the nuisance of nag screens or annoying popovers, and amaze friends with fantastic water animations that will memorize and charm.

Fluid Photo's Screenshots


  • Distort the photos with the subtle movement of your mouse
  • Over 100 different animation styles
  • Simple slide show mode
  • Automatically refreshes your photo albums as you add pictures to them
  • Blends between photos
  • Fully customizable

Make it a family picture night with Fluid Photos, load up all your pictures easily by selecting a directory and hit preview! The realistic water animations will keep family members entertained for hours while taking a trip down memory lane, and the unregistered version of the program also is nag screen free so you can use this as your screensaver even if unregisted.

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