Buku Kakuro

Buku KakuroA Kakuro game for all levels of play!

Experience the puzzle sensation that is sweeping the nation! Buku Kakuro contains millions of puzzles layouts for hours of fun.

Buku Kakuro is a game for the beginners all the way to the most advanced players. Generate millions of puzzles, or create your own and share them with friends. Turn on the hints to see errors for an easier game or go through the built-in tutorial so well laid out, even a child could learn how to play. Then step up the size a difficulty to challenge you no matter how advanced a player you are.

Buku Kakuro Screenshots

System Requirements

Windows 2000/XP/VISTA/7/8
Processor:600MHz or faster Processor
Hard Drive Space:MiB
Microsoft DirectX is available here free.


  • Numerous difficulty levels.
  • Multiple sizes and levels of complexity.Many themed backgrounds.

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