Break the Curse: The Crimson Gems

Break the Curse: The Crimson GemsOnly you can break the crimson gems' curse!

Save a loving couple from the clutches of a powerful alchemist in Break the Curse: The Crimson Gems!

Once upon a midnight dreary, as Lorenzo slept, weak and weary, the carnival master's star performers, Harold and Eliza, went missing! It’s up to you, an expert in the arcane and supernatural, to track them down. From the lair of a powerful alchemist to the mythological creatures of the Zephyr carnival, embark on an adventure through a world of magic and mystery. Will you save Harry and his wife, or will they be Nevermore? Find out in Break the Curse: The Crimson Gems!

Break the Curse: The Crimson Gems Screenshots

System Requirements

Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
Processor:1.0 GHz
Hard Drive Space:538MiB
Microsoft DirectX is available here free.


  • Lush, hand-painted visuals
  • Get the Strategy Guide!Check out our Blog Walkthrough

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