Amaranthine Voyage: The Living Mountain

Amaranthine Voyage: The Living MountainReturn once again to a fantastic world!

Your strange travels continue in this sequel to the exciting game that took you on an Amaranthine Voyage...

A brilliant but misunderstood professor, you've been to the Tree of Life, and lived to tell about it. Only no one will believe you. Your students have even begun to make fun of you... Until an elderly gentleman shows up at your door, and your whole life changes once again. Are the Three Stones really a portal to another world? Find that out and more as you follow your colleague's trail to track down the truth of his strange disappearance. Explore beautiful, strange worlds, and watch out for surprising twists that will leave you wondering. If the tiara fits...

Amaranthine Voyage: The Living Mountain Screenshots

System Requirements

Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
Processor:1.4 GHz
Hard Drive Space:1070MiB
Microsoft DirectX is available here free.